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Capoeira is a sport that develops stamina, endurance, physical co-ordination, equilibrium, flexibility and team spirit.

Capoeira helps people to approach conflict, fear, and uncertainty with greater confidence, determination, and humor. Ultimately, capoeira is a celebration of the joys of movement, music, physical expression, and strategy. Today’s students, like the earliest practitioners of capoeira, learn to translate struggles into celebrations, to believe in their abilities, and to understand the richness of sharing with others. Capoeira has gained respect as a martial art form throughout the world. Increasingly visible in popular culture and mainstream media, capoeira has attracted millions of individuals from every part of the globe. 

"Capoeira is fight of dancers. It's dance of gladiators. It's duel between comrades. It's game, it's ballet, is dispute - perfect symbiosis of strength and pace, poetry and agility.  The only one where music and singing command the movements. The submission of the force to the rhythm. Of violence to melody. The Sublimation of antagonisms.

In Capoeira the opponents are not enemies, they are comrades. They don’t fight, they pretend to fight. In a very ingenuous way they try to give an artistic view of combat. Above the spirit of competition there is a sense of beauty.

The Capoeira player is an artist and an athlete, a player and a poet.”

– Dias Gomes, 1960

St. Lukes Parish Church, Burton Stone Lane, York YO30 6DF

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Capoeira the Perfect way to Meet New Friends, Get fit and Develop Confidence For Those On A Busy Schedule. ​


Do you:

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Being fit and healthy is different for every individual. It is something which should be a positive and integral part of your life. Capoeira can provide you  with training advice tailored to their own needs. Our teachers are extremely passionate and will give 100% commitment to helping you to achieve their goals.

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