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Jerri Anderson Bueno Da Silva

Capoeira teacher


Jerri Da Silva is an international Capoeira teacher.

Jerri has over twenty five years of experience in martial arts. He started Capoeira in 1987 in the South of Brazil, Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul but moved to Great Britain in  2005 to continue practicing Capoeira and martial arts.  For the past 15 years, Jerri has been teaching Capoeira in London, Scotland and Europe. He became a World Champion during the Capoeira World Championship in 2015 in Brazil, winning the first place in his category. He regularly competes in national and international events winning first places. Jerri continually attends professional Capoeira courses as well as international meetings and workshops around Europe and Brazil.

In 1998, he become a Kickbox and Muay Thai instructor as well. He has competed in numerous Championships  in the South of Brazil. In one of these championships, his successful and critical fight helped his team to win the 1st place trophy.

Jerri now runs his own Capoeira School in York but also teaches a range of self-defence courses for adults and children of all ages; he has many years of experience in coaching children and adults. Members of his school include both junior and mature students who are training to compete in National and International Championships.


He is devoted in promoting the art of Capoeira in Great Britain and across the world as he is a fluent speaker of  three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Join him in this exciting journey by experiencing the joy and benefits of Capoeira and martial arts!




The purpose Muzenza Group, is to develop a strong work ethic, essentially as martial art , but giving conditions for practitioners to identify with the many other segments that exist in this art capoeira.

 Muzenza has a multi disciplined approach to the art of capoeira: fight, music, history, poetry, culture, dance and life philosophy. Each student will identify with each aspect in their own way.

Muzenza capoeira as a martial art, has developed a methodology and philosophy itself. Through research Muzenza preserves both the Angola and the Regional styles of Capoeira as well as respect and appreciation to true Masters.

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