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Group Muzenza de Capoeira’ was founded on the 5th of May 1972 by Paulo Sergio da Silva (Master Paulao), who came from Mintirinha’s (Luis Americo da Silva) group Capoarte de Obaluae.
In October 1975, Master Burgues (Antonio Carlos de Menezes) arrived at Curitiba – Parana. Having taught in the neighbourhoods of Meier and Madureira in Rio de Janeiro, Master Burgues decided to create a new branch of Group Muzenza in the south of Brazil, establishing and developing a methodology and philosophy of his own, he turned to the roots of Capoeira and began by teaching amongst economically disadvantaged communities in clubs schools and Gym.
Group Muzenza has been presided over by Master Burgues since 1975.

The Group Muzenza has the Direct Objective, spreading the Capoeira as a core tenet of his work, is seeking to develop the technical level, theoretical and didactic teaching of capoeira as art, fight, culture, profession and life philosophy; trying to rescue the true valuation of old Masters, as authentic representatives of the genuine Brazilian cultural manifestation.
Looking further contribute to the formation of new capoeira practitioners, based on respect, discipline, socialization, and the freedom to express themselves as citizens in society.
Looking for the aggrandizement of character, dignity and self-worth. The Muzenza Group seeks to convey to his followers as art capoeira-fighting and expression of a people is expressed through freedom and traditions.

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