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Capoeira is a lot of fun and can be just what you need to get all those kids active and entertained.  

Capoeira has acrobatic elements and in conjunction with its musical component, make it very attractive to children. The practice of Capoeira is done in a group and it involves acrobats, gymnastics and co-ordinated concentration. It is a sport that develops stamina, endurance, physical co-ordination, equilibrium, flexibility and team spirit.
In Brazil and recently around the globe, students often start to practice the sport from the age of three or four years old and is not too long until they can reap the rewards of such stimulating activity.

 Capoeira class in St Luke's Parish Church

    Burton Stone Lane, York YO30 6DG

Every Wednesday

16:30 - 17:30

Capoeira Classes for Kids From 4 - 8

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The Capoeira classes for children take place at various locations in York; each Class is 45min to 1 hour and is for children aged 4-16, students are often split into narrower age groups (4-8 and 9-16). at some classes, parents are encouraged to participate to get fit and have fun along with their children!
Working with dedicated and experienced teacher these classes provide all our young students experience in all the disciplines of Capoeira such as, acrobatics and music through carefully prepared classes which develops concentration, co-ordination and confidence.
Once a year all students  are invited to participate in the annual Capoeira  grading event.
Benefits of Capoeira for children:
Co-ordination, balance, agility, flexibility, fun, aerobic fitness, social skills, disciple, musical skills.


Foxwood Community Center  Cranfeld Pl, York, YO24 3HY

Every Monday 16:30 - 17:30

Every Wednesday 18:15 - 19:30

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